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    How do you install MS TrueType Fonts in Slackware?

    How do you install MS TrueType Fonts in Slackware? I'm acutally running VectorLinux 5.0.1 SOHO, but same thing really. I'm interested in installing these mainly so I can fix up Firefox to look the same in my Linux distros as it does on my WinOSes.

    I found these two links:

    Kuznetsov - Linux Msttcorefonts

    Debian Package: msttcorefonts (1.2) [contrib], Installer for Microsoft TrueType core fonts

    The first is focused to rpm based distros and that later is obviously Debian. Not sure but I would assume Deb packages don't work with Slackware.

    Any help?


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    The Easiest Way:

    Get the fonts. Easiest way being that you have a Windows XP system laying around somewhere. Find your fonts directory (C:\WINDOWS\Fonts I think). Copy these files to your system (preferably /home).

    Now, go into KDE Control Center. You'll most likely want KDE 3.3.2 or better for this task. I'm not sure when the Font Installer was added but it was shortly before the 3.3.x series.

    Do the following:

    Scroll down and goto System Administration.
    Then on to Font Installer.

    Now, decision time. Do you want to install the fonts system-wide (where everyone can use them, even granma :P) or do you want to install the fonts for just one user?

    To install system-wide, click the "Administration Mode" button at the bottom of the window. If you want to install these fonts for a single user, ignore this step.

    Now, that you've made your decision click the "Add Fonts" button. Browse to the Fonts directory you copied from your Windows system and select all the fonts in the folder. Now click Apply.

    All done.

    You'll need to restart X in order for you to use them. You'll use them the same way in which you use all the others. Furthermore, I highly suggest you modify your DPI (dots per inch) to a lower value than the default. KDE and Linux in general default is usually something like 96 DPI. Windows fonts are usually displayed at 75 I believe. Displaying MS fonts at a higher DPI causes ugly blotchiness alot of the time. You can do this in KDE Control Center somewhere, however I'm not exactly sure how to do it as I'm obsessed with the Enlightenment Window Manager now.

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    Awesome, thanks! I have a few XP machines around so getting the fonts should be no problem with your approach. I would like to verify that even though I'm using the font installer in KDE, the fonts will still be available in other window managers, correct? I assume yes since you use Enlightenment (which I haven't yet tried, but looks very nice).

    96dpi... well I'm on a WinXP box right now and Firefox 1.0.4 I'm using right now is running at default fonts: Times New Roman, Arial, and Courier New 96dpi. Is it a Linux issue with TTFonts at 96dpi? I'm not having any front problems, though again, this is a WinXP machine.

    Edit: My WinXP default is 92dpi. Clickable thumbnail:


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    Oh, I must have it backwards then.

    Maybe MS normally runs at 96 dpi and Linux runs at 76 or something?

    Anyways, yes, if you install the fonts with KDE font installer it will be available in other window managers. I also highly recommend that you install the artwiz fonts via this method, as they are a very nice set of fonts and go great with Fluxbox, Blackbox, and Enlightenment.

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    You know, now that I think about it, I believe you did indeed just simply have it backwards as IIRC 76dpi was indeed the default setting for FF in VL. I have a bascially stock MiniSlack v1.1 on my hard drive, I'll see what the default is when I get home tonight.

    artwiz fonts, thanks for mentioning it. Where can I get them? doesn't have it.

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    Where can I get the artwiz fonts?

    Also, didn't see that "Administration Mode" button, but that may have been because I was loged-in as root. I'm using KDE v3.4.0


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    Here's a screeny that will show you where the Administrator Mode button is.


    It probably didn't appear because you were logged in as root. The nice thing about this little feature (which you'll find integrated cleverly in all of KDE's control center) is that you can make system wide changes without having to actually login to X as root. When you click the button you'll be asked for your root password.

    PS: In my screenshot you'll get a good idea as to what the artwiz-aleczapka fonts look like. There's like 12 sets altogether (comes in one nice package), the ones in my screenshot are called "glisp." "Anorexia" is probably my favorite set. You can install these fonts in the same way as mentioned previously, and you can find them here.

    Now that I've shown you something, it's your turn. How do you make those spiffy little thumbnails for use in forums? :P

    PSS: I know, my desktop is fugly. I'm using my old POS PC and need all the speed I can get out of it. *switches back to Fluxbox*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Social Burn
    I know, my desktop is fugly....
    lol I have to admit I was thinking that until I saw your comment, and then I just laughed.

    I'm looking into IceWM right now myself and later to others when I may have the time. KDE is just too much for my machine (900MHz Tbird, 512MB, GF4 Ti4400) to give me the lightning-fast speeds I'm used to from running, believe it or not, WinME on this almost 5 year-old (except for vidcard) machine.

    Thanks for the link to the artwiz-aleczapka fonts. I'll look into it when I have more time. Your right about the KDE Admin button. When I logged-in as a user, the Administrator Mode button was displayed. The bummer is though that the fonts were only installed for my root account and not my user account as well. So I guess if you want to universally install fonts you have to do so when logged-in as a user and then selecting the Admin Mode button.

    Root and User Clickable thumbnails.


    HowTo: How to make clickable-thumbnails in forums

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    Here is a screenshot of my KDE 3.4 desktop. It's not really to my standards; however my girlfriend uses the PC at times and this theme is very inviting and user-friendly. The really nice thing is sometimes after staring at a theme like the one I use for Enlightenment, something fresh and clean such as this kinda puts the spirit in me.

    The next you'll see is my Enlightenment theme. This screenshot is somewhat out of date, it was taken on my old PC (the one you saw the fugly screenshot from), however my desktop pretty much looks the same except it runs at 1280x1024 and different fonts. At the bottom of the screen you'll notice a distortion; that's actual moving water on my desktop.

    I couldn't let this post end without justifying myself. :P

    Here's a few other screenies, one of Fluxbox and another of GNOME 2.10. In these screenies you'll see the Artwiz Anorexia fonts, which are my favorite.

    Thanks for that thumbnail post. I have hosting space but I like how imageshack makes the thumbnail for you, so I suppose I'll do it that way.

    PS: Sorry for turning this into a post your desktop thread.

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    heh the pkg you want is 'media-fonts/corefonts'
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