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    Help - fdisk and partition creating.

    Got my pc upstairs which i want to install Linux Slackware on.

    But fdisk keeps telling me my HDD is write protected.

    i totally wiped it and it is currently partitionless.

    can any1 pretty much tell me exactly wot to type from when i enter a disk to pretty much just install SlackWare.

    HDD is located at /dev/hda.

    Thank You in advance


    Also can someone add me to msn?

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    This is new, a write protected hard drive.

    I know in the BIOS you can change the write protections of a floppy, but I have never heard of a hard drive being write protected.

    You could check the BIOS though.
    Upon bootup, look for the message, "press **** to Enter Setup" or something similar.
    Most BIOS are accessed by hitting F1, F2, Del at boot time.
    Just poke around in there. The keys to move around will be shown somewhere on the screen.
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    You could try hdparm:
    /sbin/hdparm /dev/sdb
     readonly     =  0 (off)
     geometry     = 2213/255/63, sectors = 35566480, start = 0
    If it is set for read only, do 'hdparm -r 0 /dev/hda'
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    Just tried that

    On changing the setting from read only. i go into FDisk and try partition my drive.

    Still wont write to the Harddrive. and when i reboot. its automatically reset to Read Only.

    Any Insight?


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    Turns out that /dev/hda was my CDROm drive and i was trying to partition it lmao.

    My bad.

    my HardDrive is /dev/hdc which therefore partitioned perfectly.

    Thank You for all your help guys.

    Kind Regards,
    Leecuz... Im sure ill be back when SlackWare has installed for more help.

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    Re: Help - fdisk and partition creating.

    Quote Originally Posted by LeeCuz
    HDD is located at /dev/hda.
    Gosh, and I was sure that was the hard drive

    I kind of make a habit of doing 'fdisk -l' before doing things to my drives, just to be sure. I'm glad you found the problem sooner rather than later.
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    just a me-too!

    Same error, same cause... the clue should've been in the size of the disk... 688 megs.. but i thought it was a 40gig hdd.



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    why dont u try cfdisk /dev/hdc its more user friendly that fdisk

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