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Thread: dual monitors

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    dual monitors

    im runnings slack 10.1 on a amd 1.4 ghz, asus mb, and ati radeon 32 mb. the mb has integrated video. is there a way i can utilize the integrated video along with my graphics card to run dual monitors?

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    From what I've seen with on-board video on my PCs as well as what I hear from others you can't run both the on-board and a video card. However this may just apply to AGP cards as I think the on-board uses the same AGP bus as the slot. There may be an option in your bios to enable or disable the on-board and it should let you know. If you can run them both it should just be a matter of adding another device section to your xorg.conf and enabling xinerama.

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    You shoulb be able to run dual monitors (I'm not sure if the fact it's omboard will be a problem). You must add another monitor and card configuratin to your /etc/X11/xorg.conf. I found this that may help you in you quest to settup dual monitors
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    nice one dylunio!! haha!

    Erm, it MIGHT help, but it is for using twinview on a dual head card, so might, help, but i am not sure as it'll work, since it'll only have 1 card configuration.
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    TwinView will only work with a single nvidia card using their binary drivers, so it wouldn't help in this case.

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