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Thread: KERNAL 2.6.10

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    KERNAL 2.6.10

    Would I have to edit the /etc/inittab to make it multiuser if the default kernel is set to run on runlevel 5. I want to make sure, due to wanting to have kde load up on the new kernel.

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    changing the kernel shouldn't change that. The kernel doesn't control the runlevel.
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    Runlevel 5 is not used in slackware, here's a list of all the runlevel's:

    * Runlevel 0 = System Halt
    * Runlevel 1 = Single user mode, mostly used for maintenance
    * Runlevel 2 = Unused
    * Runlevel 3 = Multiuser with console login
    * Runlevel 4 = Multiuser with an X11 session manager (XDM, GDM, KDM)
    * Runlevel 5 = Unused
    * Runlevel 6 = Reboot
    * Runlevel S or s = Single user mode

    Also like vergil said, the kernel doesn't change the runlevel, you compile it, install the modules and then copy over the kernel boot image, that's all there is to it.

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    hmm really mine goes to single user and trust em I been using linux for a long time never upgraded a kernel before, but in single user you can not start kde or links. and my /etc/inittab says run level 5

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