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    how do you slackers choose to keep updated?

    Me ? I'm running 10.1 official with patches

    its a simple process of checking the changelog - which I don't really need to do but like to, and finding by the time I notice theres something new, its usually been rsynched to my hard disk with a script the previous night or something, so its a case of doing a simple 'upgradepkg *.tgz' every time something new comes out, or maybe dropping to init 1 first if its a very important package, if its gimp or something for example I'd just update it in my current runlevel - 4

    so, how about you?

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    Myself I grab stuff from slackware-current or compile it myself.
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    i use swaret as a weekly cron job, just to update packages list to '10.1' and 'current'.

    upgrade is still manual, once a week...

    maybe a script or something...

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    Slackpkg is the best IMO.
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    I tend to use slapt-get.
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    I use slapt-get also

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    I'm using a self-made set of scripts that automate some parts of the upgrade procedure.
    Additionally, a script rsyncs -current every night and sends me an email if there is a new Changelog.

    If you're interested, have a look at:

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    great work!

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