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    Can I get some help please?

    I've downloaded the ISO images and burned them to a CD (both of them), and cant get the setup to run on my laptop...what can i do, i dont have a floppy drive, i have to burn something besides the ISO's?

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    oh, i also trying to uninstall Windows 98, and install Slackware...its not working....

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    Is your laptop set to boot from the CDROM drive? You may need to set this option in your BIOS. You can do this usually by pressing F8 or DELETE at boot time.

    Did you burn the ISO files as images?

    You shouldn't have to uninstall anything in order to install an OS on top of it. Slackware (or any other Linux) will wipe the harddrive by itself before it installs.
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    I suppose that the problem is in burning the ISO's as images. So I think you should check that.
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    type man cdrecord in your shell and then scroll down past all the command line options to the examples. There are some examples for both, creating and then burning an image.

    You already have an iso image, so put attention in the examples on how to burn the image onto a cd.

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    But !!!, We could be wrongly assuming that you did not burned the iso file correctly... so before you either slaps us in the face or waste another CD just mount your cd and see its contents..

    # mount /mnt/cdrom
    # ls /mnt/cdrom
    and if you see some files and some folders then the iso image was burned correctly.. But if you only see one file (the iso file) then it was burned incorrectly.

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    Konqueror/Kcalc/Multiple desktops..Please help!

    Sirs, I have a very annoying problem. Using Mandriva 10.2. For some sudden, unexpected reason here is what started happening yesterday.

    First of all, running KDE 3.3.2........
    I "was" able to use Konqueror and Mozilla Firefox, but let me break it down.
    1.) I am able to browse using Mozilla Firefox, that is not a prob.
    2.) I am UNABLE to use Konqueror. When I click on the Konqueror ICON, I get:
    Configure-KDE Control Module WITH KONTACT (which I use as my email) icon on the left sidebar plus 2 desktops.
    3.) When I use KCALC, I get sometimes 2, and at other times 3 calculators (desktops) on my screen.

    Pretty annoying. I am unable to open any attachments within KONTACT because I get the same window as explained in step 2 above.

    There seems to be some sort of configuration prob with KONTACT that is causing this. Plus, the MULTIPLE DESKTOPS is very annoying.

    I really hope that someone out there can help me on this issue. I would kindly appreciate it.

    Kind regards,


    Because I am unable to open any attachments at the moment using KONTACT, if you would be so kind to shoot me a direct email, here is my email address:

    Thanx again!

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    needtolearn, please start a new thread instead of hijacking this one.
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    Yo, Budman7

    Hate to sound stupid, but believe me, I had no intention of hijacking this thread. My apologies. I was attempting to figure out how to start a new thread but could not figure it out. Definitely did not mean to be a bother. Sorry for the mistake, I will try to figure out how to start a new thread.

    Sincere apologies,


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    Return to the Slackware Forum Section and click the "New Topic" button.
    It's located on the left side.....

    And don't worry about it.
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