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    MonoDevelop Slackware Help

    Hey guys! I have a question that is probably easily answered by all of you guys. Are there any MonoDevelop packages for Slackware? I see RPMs out the wazoo for SuSE and RedHat, but none for Slackware. I don't feel like uncompressing the files, then doing the rpm2tgz conversion then the installpkg xxxxx. I found some site that offered the files in .tgz format, but when I installed them, I have no clue where it installed to. That's one thing that I'm confused with in Linux...where everything actually installs, and why I can't get to it in the Window Manager from pressing a few buttons on the GUI. Also, my KDevelop doesn't work....having problems with that big time.

    I'm a Visual Basic.NET developer for an Industrial Automation company, and would like to get MonoDevelop working (as it supports C# and VB to a point). If I get this working, my coworker said he would switch to Linux for the company standard. However, we do .NET development, and without having that .NET framework for Linux, I'm screwed with moving from Windows to Linux with the company. Any help with either compiling MonoDevelop or KDevelop, or just plain installing the packages, would be a great and tremendous help!

    Oh, when I start the KDevelop C\C++, it starts fine. It's when I try to create a new project (Simple Hello World project) that it crashes and won't let me create the project. I'd like to get that working also. Any IDE that will provide me with C\C++ and/or C#\VB functionality would be HUGE for our company. We could then develop for Linux and Windows.

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    I am using slackware 11.0. I installed mono, and run my first "Hi world!" program in konsole. I wanna use monodevelop. But there is no (.tgz) extension. I don't know how can I compile with source code. I need your help.
    Thanks for your time.

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    Welcome to the forums, Helu!

    Please start your own thread describing your question/problem because this one is over 2 years old and too old to be bringing back to the top.

    Sorry for any inconvenience...


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