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    package manager& updater for Slackware 10.1

    Where is the package manager?

    Is there any updater for slackware 10.1? I want to update the packages.
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    Slackware does not have a official package manager that does everything for you, but ofcourse you can download the ner packages and use 'installpkg [package]' to install them.

    There is some package managers for slackware though that you can download and install.

    It is a preatty easy package manager that uses the slackware .tgz -packages, you'll have to configure swaret so that it downloads packages from the current directory in the mirror to get the newest packages installed.

    has used the Gentoo portage as a base and ported it so that it can be used on Slackware, it can use both Slackware .tgz's and to install from source.

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    I'm not sure about a native package manager for Slackware (never really used it), but you can try using this apt-like package manager for Slackware:

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    Pkgtool is the main app for updating/upgrading Slackware, but it's for installing/updating at the local level. If you want something similar to Debian's apt-get programs, you can use Slackpkg. It's included with the Slackware distribution. You can also use Slapt-get, or Swaret by downloading and installing them.

    I've used all of these apps and they worked well for me.

    oops... some people were faster than me at hitting the enter key! :P

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    in my opinion using your own rsync script to mirror the slackware repository and then typing upgradepkg *.tgz is FAR easier than dealing with swaret or slapt.

    I can provide a script for anyone too if they want mine

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    Use Slackpkg.
    It is the easiest to configure & can sync to any version you want.
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