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    installing from hard disk

    I have a small system with no floppy and no cd. I have debian installed and running on hda1. Is there an analogue to debootstrap for slackware? Or is there a way to mount the install.1 and install.2 floppy images and then copy the root fs to hda*?

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    I not quite undrestand what you mean...but Ill truy to help you. You're saying that you want to install Slackware from within Debian? I think it is possible installing from source but it would be painfully slo wif you have a slow PC, and I would no trecommend it. But yes, it can be done, think of it as a Linux from Scatch kind of, just with Slack.

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    I had a fc2 server running some time ago that was buried under the stairs in a cramped apartment. I had a free partition in it, so I installed and ran debootstrap, which copied a root file system onto my free partition. I added a kernel binary and did some configuring, set grub to boot the new debian partition, and then had a new operating system running, done without having to access the box.

    Is there a way to do this with slackware? how?



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