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Thread: partitioning

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    well so idk how to partition on slackware , i need step by step instructions on how to and what partitions i need 2 make, im using slackware 10.1, and i am partitioning using fdisk or cfdisk, slackware will be the only OS on this box

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    If I understand correctly, I can probably field this one. My personal perference for the only OS would be

    1 swap partition- double the size of your RAM
    1 ext3 partition- rest of the hd space

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    I would use a swap partition double your RAM

    a / partition of maybe 4 GB

    a /home partition of 10GB+

    this way next time you 'reinstall' you have all your data in /home

    sound good?

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    You may want to create 2 or more primary partitions, first as swap, others as (ext3 or reiserfs, whatever you prefer, I would use reiserfs).

    Making swap partition size as double of your RAM is not always good. For ex., when you have 32MB RAM then 64MB swap (96MB totally) is too low. On the other hand with 1GB RAM allocating 2GB swap (3GB total) is too much. I would recommend you to adjust your swap, so that in total physical+swap=~1GB.

    The other partitions you could use as system and data. As the previous poster says, one as root and second as home. I belive 5GB for / would be more than enough (estimate your total packages installation size + feature programs installation).

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    sry but i just decided i was going to install windows also, i mean whats the use of having battlefield 2 if i cant play it, sorry for that, and i was wondering i have a copy of partition magic, would that be a lot easier to use for this?

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    I'm new here so not sure if I'm allowed to link, but here you go anyway;

    If this guy isn't a professional technical writer, he should be!
    WARNING: I may be telling you more than I know !

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    that had to be about the most informative slackware install walkthrough i have ever seen

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