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    dual boot with xp pro

    I need a guid on how to set up my partitions and boot loaders so I can run Slackware 10.1 with XP Pro. Can anyone provide me with some? Thanks!

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    I can walk you through it....

    First of all, tell us about your partitioning scheme (mainly, how many hard disks you have and how you want to partition everything)
    If you are doing it all on one disk, first make one partition for Windows XP (I would do this in the XP Pro install, that way it won't complain about bad partitions or anything) after that's installed, then install Linux (doesn't really matter where, as long as you've got space enough) Then install LILO to the superblock of the root partition telling it to only boot the root partition and wait for 0 seconds. Then download bootpart
    and extract it to a folder somewhere (I always do C:\bootpart) then read the docs and add your Linux partition using bootpart! It's pretty easy, really....and I've done it before, so you can ask me questions.

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    Hmm...ok, I have XP already installed and I want to now out Slackware 10.1 on. I have 32gb of free space to do it. Usually when I install other distros, it sets everything up for me automatically. Not with slack I gues...

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    Slackware definitely isn't the kind of distro that would do that for you.
    But anyway, now what you do is install Slackware 10.1 in the remaining 32GB, and when you're finishing up the install and it asks if you want to install LILO, say yes, and install it using expert mode (this is very important, and it's not really hard, you should be able to grasp it intuitively) The key is to only add the Linux partition to the LILo boot menu, and make sure that you install LILO to the superblock of the root partition, not the MBR! Doing so will kill the windows boot loader (sure, you can repair that, but...) Note that at this point, Linux isn't quite ready to boot from the NT boot loader. What remains is to extract bootpart (in windows), add Linux to the NT boot loader's menu, and that should be it!

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    i think it was easier for me i just installed it to the mbr and lilo picked up the windows partition and now i have two options on lilo windows and linux in that order. using the windows boot loader to load linux was way more complicated and seemed unnecasary after i got it installed the way i did. i am no expert my any means so back up your stuff before trying it.
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    Tha's right, you can boot everything using LILO, it's just that Windows might not like certain partitioning schemes...the way I mentioned before is easier, I think, but either works; I've done both.

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    Hmm, could someome give the exact process on what to do to dual boot XP pro and Slackware 10.1 when the option to install LILO comes up please.

    Alright, a little update...everytime the installation says that I have completed it and the system is ready to be restarted, my computer still try's to boot from the disk (I double checked my config in the bios and changed to hard drive is 1st boot device). So, thinking "Hey, what's with that?" I checked the Slackware cfdisk and I find that there is only 2 partitions, even though I installed LILO and put /dev/hda2 as the Linux one and /dev/hda1 and the windows (which they both are). The 2 partitions is the 32gb Linux native and the Windows partition.

    Apparantly slackware didn't install a thing and didn't install the loader either (since it still try's to use GRUB).

    So, do I need to make a swap partition as well? If so, how big and what does the configuration have to look like in cfdisk?

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    I know your problem is!

    It says on your profile that your distro is....SUSE 9.3, not slackware! Of course this isn't working! You really need to ask on a SUSE forum, not the SLackware one.

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    hello absolute,
    If I'm reading this right you once had Suse. This would explain the presence of Grub.
    If you want to use the winimage bootloader mentioned above the easiest way to start would probably be to put in your XP disk and run fixmbr from the recovery console.
    You probably have Slack already installed but Grub isn't aware of it. Anyway it would be a good idea to do the install again from scratch. IMHO running without swap is ungood.
    I don't think installing Lilo to mbr will cause you any problems as long as XP is on the first partition and set to be the active partition. If you have a floppy drive making the diskette recommended during install is a good idea.This floppy will get you into Slack no matter how messed up your mbr is.
    No matter how you decide to go about this please read this
    BTW: Lilo won't show up as a partition if it installs in the bootsector. Are you getting a bootsplash with grub or just a screen with;
    WARNING: I may be telling you more than I know !

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    Ok, thanks for the replies...and retro...what are you on about??

    Anyways, I fixed the problem. I let LILO Automatically install and I put it on the MBR. That and I deleted my windows partition and then reinstalled Windows. It was totally messed up anyways, it had to be done. Dual boot works wonderfully now.

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