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    kernel panic: No init found

    I have this problem with my OS: slackware 10.0.
    When boot the system it show next message:
    "Warning: unable to open an initial console
    Kernel panic: No init found.Try passing init= option to kernel"
    How I can fix the problem without reinstall the OS
    thank you and I`m sorry for the bad english

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    Maybe look into reinstalling the boot loader...
    That's all I can say here, I don't know much about linux programming.

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    You do not need to reinstall your bootloader. Instead, you need to have it correctly configured. What file to change depends on whether you use LILO, Grub or some other bootloader. In any case (I think), your configuration file will have a line that looks something like this:
    • kernel /boot/vmlinuz-234.45.87 root=/dev/hdb2
    There could be some other stuff on that line and it will certainly be different from what I wrote, but the important part is right after "root=". That tells Linux where your "system" is, that is where Linux should go after the kernel is loaded. What exactly should be after "root=" depends on your arrangement of drives and partitions. The correct device is the one where your root ( / ) partition is. The file with the configuration is:
    for Grub: /boot/grub/grub.conf (some will say menu.list which is also correct, as menu.list links to grub.conf.)
    for LILO: /etc/lilo/lilo.conf (?? I don't use LILO, but I know it's somewhere in there....)
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