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    I did as you said L_4_Linux, from root as it could not be done in marinus,
    and it did execute without any echo.
    Logged out, logged in as marinus, --> kde --> any cd app / doesn't work; same errors.
    Changing options/cd-rom name to no avail.

    Mounting still can only be done by root, and in root gives errors.
    Filecontents as in previous postings.

    Thanks for the chill out instructions, I'm starting to need that !


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    the cdrom mount issue...

    hi marinus,

    well i had the same prob with my system... i use MiniSlack (now known as ZenWalk)... i logged on to a root terminal and typed in the following:

    usermod -G audio,video,cdrom,users username
    it returned to the prompt without an echo... but then i rebooted and hurrah!... i was able to burn CDs and read them... copy them... everything actually... wht thz command does is it modifies the user rights by adding the user to additional groups - audio, video, cdrom... apart from users...

    try it again... im sure u wud get it thz time... anyway... reply back if u dnt... will try to get a solution 4 u... take care... keep chilling out... enjoy life... dnt get harrowed...

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    new day and lots of energy!

    Tried your suggestion and same problem.
    In Noatun I get the following message:

    Could not mount device.
    The reported error was:
    mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/cdrom,
    missing codepage or other error
    In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try
    dmesg | tail or so

    In KsCD:

    CD-ROM read or access error (or no audio disc in drive).
    Please make sure you have access permissions to:

    In root all is fine.

    Thanks so far, I'm learning...


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    Curious to know what happends when You mount a data cd with user marinus ?

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