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Thread: no sound

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    no sound

    Sound server informational message:
    Error while initializing the sound driver:
    device /dev/dsp can't be opened (No such device)
    The sound server will continue, using the null output device.

    i have no idea where to get linux sound drivers from for my MOBO, i have MSI K8N Neo4

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    you need to find out your sound chipset, you can use lspci to find out which one it is, then visit the alsa project's homepage, find it in the matrix, and follow the tutorial.
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    i am having some problems w/ the setup

    7. Edit your /etc/modules.conf (see the kmod support section below).
    i cant find a kmod section on the instructions

    8. Run 'modprobe snd-xxxx' where xxxx is the name of your card.
    from lspci command i got: '00:04.0 Multimedia audio controller: nVidia Corporation: Unknown device 0059 (rev a2)' so would i put 0059 where the x's r? if so i did that and i got : 'modprobe: Can't locate module snd-0059' but i didnt edit /etc/modules.conf b4 doing this, cuz i dont know wat to do w/ it

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    it's a NForce chipset.

    goto and download the nforce driver for linux then run the installation.

    Reboot and should have sound (and internet if you use the onboard ethernet adapter)

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    Quote Originally Posted by phirexx

    goto and download the nforce driver

    Reboot and should have ... internet if you use the onboard ethernet adapter...

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    Slackware sound

    for an nforce chipset try something like
    modprobe snd_intel8x0 for a nforce sound.

    At one point I was gong to install the nforce drivers but noticed that it is
    based on the older OSS sound system so I stuck with the intel which in most
    (newer) cases regonizes the nforce sound system, plus it uses ALSA which
    most modern applicatins expect these days. Also sound seems to work better for me with my nforce chhip set if I use thw 2.6 kernel. For the eth drivers forcedeth works.

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    from here:, wat options do i need 2 pick

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    click on Linux, FreeBSD, and Solaris Drivers

    and select the NForce driver you need...either 64 or 32 bit depending on your processor.

    then type at a terminal:

    sudo sh
    or (depending on your processor)
    sudo sh
    then reboot and you should then have sound.

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    sh-3.00$ sudo sh
    We trust you have received the usual lecture from the local System
    Administrator. It usually boils down to these three things:
        #1) Respect the privacy of others.
        #2) Think before you type.
        #3) With great power comes great responsibility.
    i tried typing in my root password but that didnt work, what password is it talking about????

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    To use sudo you mus configure the sudoers file, but it is easier to just log in as root and do what you need to...

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