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    I installed Kubuntu and it went pretty good. The first time it installed KDE failed to load. I reinstalled, not setting up the network and it worked fine. I can access my jump drive, though through an indirect route. My zip drive is on the desktop always, but I can't access it. I go to /media/usbdisk and that is my jump drive. There is no entry in fstab for anything that uses /media/usbdisk, so I don't know how that is working. I can't access the windows partitions because only root can, and I can't login as root because I don't know the password. How can I find out what root's password is? In the installation it only asked me to set up a regular user, and never asked to set a root password. I tried to use the password for my account and it didn't work. The files I wanted to save are still there, in the /home directory under my username that I had with Slackware, but I can't access the folder because only root can. I really need to find out roots password. Also I can't set up a modem. I have a serial external, a usb external, and a pci internal. The system sees the usb modem, but KPPP can't query it. Overall Kubuntu 5.10 looks very good. The style is awesome, it's very smooth and clean. A first in linux (for me) was that it automatically used 1920x1440 resolution for my display - most other distros use 1024x768 and thats it. I changed it down to 1600x1200, because 1920x1440 is huge, and makes everything really small. Thanks for the help!

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    Even though I think you shoud have asked this question in the Debian forum, I'll answer it since I've used Ubuntu before, but you'd get more response in the Debian forum

    Like with every Linux out there, Ubuntu/Kubuntu requires you to do some reading. The best place to find answers for Ubuntu is Unofficial Ubuntu Guide. You can find why and how Ubuntu does a lot of it's things. For one, the root account is disabled by default, which some (including me) consider to be unsafe. Also, Ubuntu isn't really good at what it wants to be (a user friendly distro), SimplyMEPIS does a lot better job at it (just my personal opinion, which I like to throw in every Ubuntu thread ).

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    Thank you for answering, bidi, I appreciate it. I was reading the Unofficial Ubuntu Guide and saw some things about turning on/off the root account, but I guess I didn't think that the root account on my system was off. I'll read it again and see about turning the account on. Thanks again to everyone that posted. I'll post in the Debian forum now if I have any questions about Kubuntu.

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