I am trying to install the Whax 3.0 cd onto the hard drive of my laptop. Whax 3.0 is basically Slax with prebuilt security tools.

The laptop boots off the CD perfectly and everything works so I know the hardware and the CD have everything I need to make it work. I tried copying everything to the hard drive to boot from it. It boots fine but not everything works and I'm not sure where the issue could be. Things not working right are the mouse. No mouse, internal or usb, is recognized. mev displays nothing when booted from HD but works find when booted from CD. Internal NIC card is not recognized either. More might be broken but without those two, the laptop is worthless and that is as far as my troubleshooting has gotten. I don't understand why the difference between booting from Whax CD and booting from Whax HD install when the files are the same.

One thing to note is that I had a previous problem during the copy of the files. I have verified that each HD directory has the correct number of files and folders, but I didn't do anything as exhaustive as compare each and every file.

Any ideas?