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    Encryption Question

    I just installed Slackware 10.2 on my laptop and it is working great via wireless network card.
    In order for me to connect to my router I have to set the encryption key in wlan0. So I did it. But every time I do a search for whatever, linux pop-up tells me that I am about to send unencrypted data over the network.
    Should this be happening. I am using 128 bit encryption.

    Thanks for your help!

  2. #2 mean when you're browsing the internet and your browser makes a pop-up telling you you're sending unencrypted data?

    it's unencrypted in the sense that the page you're accessing isn't using SSL so it's visible to machines that are connected to your network. It doesn't mean that you're wireless network is not encrypted. Wireless encryption is protection from the outside world not so much from your internal network. The 128-bit encyption key you use to connect to your network basically decodes your traffic and allows you to connect properly.

    You're fine. The only way for someone else to see what you're browsing is if they happen to crack your WEP key (or are already connected to your wireless network) and ARP poison you with ettercap or something similar. Which would be a lot of pointless hassle for someone unless they happen to hold a grudge against you. Let's face it, your home network probably doesn't have much to offer to other people anyways. :P

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