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Thread: frg problem

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    frg problem

    Hi to all.Recently i install slackware 10.2 and i think i like it .Well i install freerock gnome through the iso that i download and i have some problems.First of all when i type gnome-session i get an error like this
    (gnome-session:4357):Gtk-WARNING **:cannot open display:
    When i type startx gnome runs normal with no error but when i log out i get some errors like these:
    (nautilus:4431)Eel-critical and (nautilus:4431):WARNING **:destroyed file still being monitored and The application 'gnome-panel' lost its connectin to the display :0.0; most likely the Xserver was shut down or you killed/destroyed the application.

    Can someone explain me what's going on and what can i do to fix these problems?

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    Try running "iwconfig" from the command line. If Gnome installed properly you should be able to select it as your default window manager. I have tried to install freeroc also without much success. but, I can get it to come up. Just can't get it to shut down without a contol/alt/delete. but the mistake I think I made was to try and install it while a KDE session was running. I will try to run it from the command prompt, next time. If it installs and your default window manager is set right with iwconfig, the command "startx" should bring gnome to life.

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