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    kwifi shows no connection


    Only an annoyance, but a perplexing problem for me:

    I've installed slackware on a second workstation, and getting better at it. These are desktop systems that use Netgear wireless PCI cards, WG311. They are one each of the TI and Atheros chipsets.

    I'm not advocating these, it's just what I have. Because the first one was a TI card, I got used to using these with the ndiswrapper and windoze drivers. Both work, although the TI chipset shows a much stronger signal strength.

    With Slackware 10.2, and the provided 2.6.10 kernel, booted to root on the second system (happens to be the one with the Atheros chipset but I don't think that's relevant), kwifi shows connection strength and all relavant information.

    When booted to user, kwifi shows no connection whatsoever. The connection is active and I am still able to ftp, browse internet, etc.

    I thought this might be a question of rights, so I gave myself all of the same privileges as root but still no soap.

    Does anyone have an idea of what might cause this? Short of reinstalling KDE (not *that* big of a deal), I'm not sure if one can reinstall a single applet like kwifi. But, I'd be will to try if you had an idea of how...

    Thx in advance for any light you can shed.

    (noob) desertViking

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    For those who may have considered my question, this is what I learned. Sorry to say it's not very exciting

    I had closed the system tray for space reasons. When I launched I was starting kwifi from the KDE button. It would show no connection.

    I closed the application, and it closed to the system try which I wouldn't have noticed for obvious reasons.

    The system tray was enabled to check something else and there were a dozen instances of kwifi happily showing connection status. Closed all but one and it's good.

    Sorry it wasn't a more interesting problem, but thx for considering it...

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