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    I get a "kernel panic:no init found" when I try to install pocket linux

    I'm new to Linux and I'm trying to install PocketLinux (based on slackware) from .

    I put the ISO on a boot disk and then tried to install it by setting the boot option to CD then starting the computer with the disk in the drive.

    When I start it I get the first screen that asks me if I have any extra parameters, I answered no

    Then it loads some stuff and then starts showing errors "warning; unable to open an initial console", "inode out of bounds" and finally "kernel panic:no init found. Try passing Init= option to kernel." And then it stops there.

    Some background on the Comp: it is a HP running Windows 98, with 400 mhz, 12.7 gb hard drive, 96 mb ram and Pentium II. I'm going to use it for word processing for school as well as hopefully a little bit of music-listening-to if I have enough memory. We had put it in storage because it stopped being able to get to windows. It stopped on the Windows 98 screen indefinately.

    Then I tried to use the HP pavilion system recovery disk but it would stop after it got to a certain line and wouldn't finish re-installing everything. Now when I reboot it says "invalid system disk"

    Thanks in advance.
    I hope this question isn't redundant

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    First of all, I doubt you'll be happy running that distribution with only 96MB of RAM. The minimum requirements for it is 128MB, and you should actually have more if you plan on running KDE.

    With that being said, when you say you answered no, did you actually type the work "no" at the prompt? Cause you're not supposed to.

    It might also be that something is wrong with your computer since you can't boot any other OS (Windows or Windows boot disk).

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