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    installing from local disk...

    i need to install slackware onto my box and i want to use my local hard disk as the source for the installation files.

    what/where do i download for this? obviously from a slackware mirror, but were on the mirror? not the isos, but what.

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    you could download the iso's and bust them open

    or ..

    you could rsync the slackware mirror as so

    # kernow 5/2/05

    # hmm, seems easy enough to change the mirror server if the current ones down.. good

    # the url to sync with


    # below are MY excludes, I don't use tcl, extra (maybe for bittorrent, any of these)
    # added extra to see whats there, and maybe testing too
    RSYNC_CMD="rsync -av --delete --exclude=extra --exclude=isolinux --exclude=bootdisks --exclude=kernels --exclude=testing --exclude=zipslack --exclude=source --exclude=bootdisk --exclude=pasture --exclude=rootdisks --exclude=slackware/gnome --exclude=slackware/k/ --exclude=slackware/kdei --exclude=slackware/kde --exclude=slackware/t --exclude=slackware/tcl --exclude=slackware/y"


    # signal to user we are getting **** etc, don't know why its gonna be a cron job anyway probably
    echo -n "Synching with $MIRROR"


    # tell the user we have finished, finito
    echo -e "Done! - Official Patches are in $REPOSITORY\n"

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    if you save that as and edit it to get 10.2 stable or current, make it executable with chmod +x and then run it, it will start getting the slackware packages - minus the excludes that are set, into a directory,

    as its rsync you can cancel it at any time with ctrl-c and restart it later , it doesnt care.

    hope this helps, or not, heh!

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