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    How to Install SW10.2 with 2.6.13 kernel

    I haven't had success with kernel configs. So suggest this way to have newer kernel in SW10.2.
    Install with test26s(2.6.13) kernel. Then complete usual install. When asked where to install kernel from pick cdrom and insert cd1. Finish install steps. you will have 2.6.13 kernel but also 2.4.31 modules,kernel source, and alsa driver. So you should have module error messages and usb mouse may not work.
    To get 2.6.13 modules,kernel source and correct alsa driver you can do this,as root, at cli:
    2.mount /mnt/cdrom /mnt/cdrom /2.6.13
    5.upgradepkg *.tgz /
    7.umount /mnt/cdrom and remove cd2.
    8. pkgtool from /2.6.13 can also work.
    9.Doing Expert install u can unselect the 2.4.31 modules,kernel source and alsa driver during cd1 install. Then later mount cd2 and use pkgtool or installpkg to install the 2.6.13 modules,source and alsa driver. But expert install requires you know what packages you need.
    10.You also get benefit of 2.6.13 kernel config file that you can use with future newer kernel. Or you can reconfigure 2.6.13 with safety of working config file..
    11.NB for parallel port printer u need to edit /etc/rc.d/rc.modules and uncomment paraport and paraport-pc line.
    12.You still have to do xorgsetup or xorgconfig and setup network or dsl connexn(pppoe-setup) Have fun! Please make corrections.

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    Wow i'll try this. I was just gonna post something on how in the world to do it. I've been terribly unsuccessful on doing my own kernel. Thanks
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    Kernel Compile Guide for 2.6.x

    Quote Originally Posted by lestoil
    I haven't had success with kernel configs. So suggest this way to have newer kernel in SW10.2.
    If you want to use latest kernel follow this "howto"
    read this forum

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    Installing the 2.6 kernel isn't very hard. It's on the second cd and can be installed like any other Slackware package. Just make sure you follow Pat's very easy to follow instructuctions on how to create the initrd. This is necessary in order for the new 2.6 kernel to work.
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