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    I booted a live cd, my slack partitions, or more easily, all of hdd is completely stuffed, I'm just gonna get a new computer, as someone told me "it's an ageing piece of toilet paper" D:

    So, yeah, googbye piece of crap, i won't be using linux till i get enough money for a new computer, so =(

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    giving up wont help at all

    get the slax livecd , use memtest86 on it to test your RAM - for twenty four hours

    if it has a problem , its duff RAM, at least you'll actually know then

    if its a software problem, just bite the bullet and reinstall everything, if you partitioned with this in mind in the first place , you might have your data on a seperate partition anyway. no problem.

    diagnose the hardware problem, or reinstall the software

    theres no need for you to give up on your pc, and linux, at all just yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kern
    boot off the slackware cd then

    fdisk -l /dev/hdd to show your partition layout, fsck the ext3 slackware partition. see if theres anything wrong with it.

    (why is it on hdd anyway?)

    He removed a CD drive - did he change the IDE wire or change master/slave settings. Is the drive in cable select mode? Sounds like a rewiring issue - check your master slave setups for each hard drive.

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