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    My first M/B came with Thiz Linux (RPM-based) - don't buy ChainTech. I actually became serious with Linux after trying RH and FC2. A classmate suggested Slackware and since the first installation of 10.1, I can't stand trying to use any other distro. After trying anything else, I find myself running back /home

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    I installed it recently, but have not had a chance to really use it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ozar
    Don't know if it counts, but I'm still a part-time Slacker as it is my secondary distro. I used to be a full-timer but have been stuck on Arch for just over a year now. That said, if Arch should ever become a major irritant in some way, Slackware would replace it as my default distro making me a full-timer once again.
    same. but i use it very part time, as it is not very up to date.
    for my older systems (ie 233mhz or lower) it will do and runs nicely with a custom compiled kernel. one of these days i will install a more up to date version of gnome or another wm to complement it.
    i have to admit, the default kernels in slack are annoying. just as well i love compiling kernels .

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    Another Slacker checkin' in!

    I have been using 10.1 for just about a year on my ancient P2-350 that I use as a web, mail and ftp server. I also have 10.2 on a desktop with more updated, but still older, specs, Athlon 1.2Ghz.

    I too love the Slackware philosophy. I have tried some other distros, usually focusing on slack-based productions, but I keep coming back to the "real deal".

    Slack works for me and is everything that I want. Seeing I don't play many games, I don't have any complaints!
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    Another Slackware user checking in.
    First time on this forum as well.

    A short introduction maybe ?:
    I have been using different distros for soon a year, for all daily activites. I started with Debian, it work well in the start but I didnt like their apt-system so I changed to Slackware for a while, I liked it but I wasnt experienced enought I thought, so I did go ahead with Arch Linux but I didnt like that for some reason I dont really now why. Then it was Gentoo, and that was something I liked in the start but after a while naah, not for me. Then I decided to give Slackware another try, and now Im here to stay.

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    Add me to the Slacker ranks too.

    After spending a few months on SUSE 10.0, things seemed to be going slower and slower while my hard drive was getting more and more full. Many of the user-friendly features of SUSE that really attracted me in the beginning were starting to get in the way and I was starting to see them as annoying and useless. The idea of running Slackware has always appealed to me ever since I first heard about it, and the Slax Live CD is part of what made me first fall in love with Linux and still remains my favorite Live CD distro. However, until recently I've considered Slackware to be a little beyond my reach. Now that I got everything working, I think it's great. I'll probably stick with this one much longer than I stuck with SUSE, and I'm already much happier with it.

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    Cool Yet another, my brother...

    Damnit, Slackware just kicks ass...

    I've been using linux now for 4 years. Being a tech, I fix windows machines all the time. Linux is refreshing to come home to. I've tried every distro but debian, and thus far I always run back to slack within 2 days of installing another distro. Slackware just works, and when it doesn't, the people that use it know what they're doing. Helps that the problems are usually very simple to fix as Slackware runs so well. It's basic, It's beautiful, and it gives you options. Heck, I can even get 50% of my windows games running on it...

    I can't see running anything else.

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    started last year using it on my laptop, switched to suse then about 5 months ago i switched back to slackware for my lappy. i love it.
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    I've been using Slack 10.x for the last 6 months for my mail server at home, it's definitely my favourate distro.

    Someone else said it best ... once you Slack, you don't turn back!
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    once you slack you never go back

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