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    Please don't interpret this as a slam against other distros, because I still use and love many of them. Having said that, I can tell you I've broken every other distro I've used to the point of having to re-install except Slackware. This is because I'm bad about tinkering. I've broken beyond my ability to fix Mandrake (several times), Redhat, Fedora, SuSE, Mepis, Gentoo and Debian. No matter what I throw at Slackware, and no matter how much tinkering I do with new kernels, apps and programs, I've never been able to break it beyond my ability to fix it. That's the main reason I love it so. This has just been my personal experience and in no way should be interpreted as a general statement that applies to all.
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    I use slackware as a server and a desktop. I like the stability and speed of slackware. I also use Fedora Core 3 as my prod server. It runs flawlessly without X, but have found multimedia issues in fedora and SuSE that slackware deals with easily. I am not knocking any distros just simply stating for me slackware is where its at.
    I have been a slacker for a while.
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    I chose slackware after I tried many of the most re-known distros, like the old-mandrake and red-hat - but when i tried slackware I said .... YEAH! that's the for me! - it's just the best distro (for me) around!
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    I've been using Slackware 10.2 since last December. My first Linux distro! Installed it on an old Pentium II 300MHz I had laying around.

    I chose Slack because I wanted to learn. I am having to do more work on an AIX system at work and also I was bored with Windows and curious about Linux. Read a couple reviews that said Slack was good for learning and closer to Unix than most other distros.

    I have since tried several distros. I converted my laptop to Ubuntu last month. But my old Slack box is the one I surf, work and experiment on most every night while my newer WinXP box sits. After a little over 2 months I'm hooked.

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    it'd be nice if the de's and wm's were a little more up to date....
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    slackware for 4 yrs

    I use slackware as a server for samba puposes used it for more than 3-4 years not sure exacly... it took awile to get it set up evry time we tryed to upgrade the thing but hey thats linux for ya LOL...
    But, I just love slackware i thinks its the best server os i've used.

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    Another Slackware user, and another first-time post. I've been using Slack for 10 years, off and on. Since release 3 or 3.1. Back when setting up the kernel compile was by answering a bunch of Y/N one-line questions. When there was no KDE or Gnome, and every WM was trying to emulate the Redmond look (Win95 was just starting to pick up steam at this point, although I was still using MS-DOS).

    I've tried a bunch of other distros, and while some of them are really nice and polished, Slackware's the only one that "feels" right. Things are where I expect them to be... I guess I just agree with Patrick's vision of how a Linux FS should be layed out.

    I use Windows XP as my main OS because I'm a gamer (just recovering from a one-year WoW addiction, and now I'm heading back to EQ1). No dual boot on this beast yet (but VMware =). Maybe when I get another hard drive I'll set it up as a Win/Lin box.

    I have got Slack 10.2 on my old comp (Athlon TB), but for some reason my KVM doesn't play nice with my LCD, so that's collecting dust until I can get another LCD.

    Finally, I'm just putting the finishing touches on getting Slackware going on a laptop (Panasonic Toughbook, nice little machines). I've got very little laptop experience, and none with Linux, so setting up power management whatnot should be interesting.

    But I digress... I love Slackware. I toyed with the idea of rolling my own (Linux From Scratch), and actually started it in a virtual pc... but then I realized that I was basically building Slackware.

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    I'm primarily a Suse user but I do dual boot. No, not windows, Slackware. When things break (and that's often in my case ) repairs tend to be easier in Slackware.
    Slacks more hands on but I appreciate that it doesn't try to outthink me. Sometimes YAST is just a little to clever.
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