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    How many Slackers... we now have at I'm just curious. I'll go first...


    I started using Slackware just over a year ago. After many, many other tries at different distros, Slack just fit me and my computing needs to a tee! I've always been one who believes form and aesthetics should always follow function. Slackware seems to fit in with that ideology nicely. I've really enjoyed the time I've spent with Mandrake, Red Hat, SuSE, Fedora, Mepis, Gentoo, Debian, and all the others and still do. With Slackware however, it's like falling in love for the first time!

    Slacker for life,
    Dapper Dan
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dapper Dan we now have at
    Don't know if it counts, but I'm still a part-time Slacker as it is my secondary distro. I used to be a full-timer but have been stuck on Arch for just over a year now. That said, if Arch should ever become a major irritant in some way, Slackware would replace it as my default distro making me a full-timer once again.

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    been with slack for about 3 or 4 years now , I just love it

    being forced to use gentoo at work, gah, its ok , but you are learning portage, not linux

    slackware is simple , and fun, and reliable

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    I've been using Slackware for several years -- haven't even bothered to try other distros.

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    I used to be a slacker before i've got myself a laptop Now, I'm unable to get several things fixed and the lack of time forces me to use something more light-weight (in configuration), like Suse...

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    I have been a slacker since i first got sick of ubuntu (xD). I've gotten so used to the slackware installer, i installed it again today in about 1hour or so without even reading the things :P (the 1hour part was becasue i installed everything)

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    I use Zenwalk, does that count too? :P Slackware-based, and I love the Slackware philosophy... But I don't need the loads of packages it comes with. Zenwalk makes some deliberate choices Slackware doesn't, and I love it for that...

    But hey... One love . Peace to all the Slackers!
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    I'm using slack on the box that'll one day be my server - tho not exactly making a great deal of progress (mostly for want of time, rather than any major difficulties [other than getting wireless cards going ]).

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    Quote Originally Posted by kern
    being forced to use gentoo at work, gah, its ok , but you are learning portage, not linux
    This must be the first time I have read this.
    Normally people say,
    "I am forced to use windows at work".

    That said, I do like Slack. Just to easy to setup though.
    I had everything setup the way I wanted it in less than a day.
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    I've been using Slack for almost a year now. I use it mainly for my older hardware, though. For my main distro, I still use Debian, which was my first every distro and for some reason still is my favorite. I've also been playing around with LFS for almost a month now, which is where I'm post from.

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