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    Slackware Web Server need help

    Hello everyone,

    I am very new to Slackware. I have had it about a day. The reason I got it was to turn an old computer into a web server. As I went throught the installation of Slackware I got a little Enter happy, and accidentally skipped over the part about which services to start automatically. I want to start PHP, MySql, and of course Apache. What should I do? I want them to start automatically, but everywhere I have seen just says do it when you install Slackware. I have been really happy with Slackware, I just don't know how I should try to get this to work. I have not done anything besides try to set up Apache, PHP, and MySQL. Should I just reinstall Slackware? Thanks in advance.

    EDIT: It would be nice if I could just execute a script to start all three, but execute the script manually.

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    right, no problem, heres how to go about it

    firstly make the services run on boot time

    su root (enter password)
    chmod +x /etc/rc.d/rc.httpd
    chmod +x /etc/rc.d/rc.mysqld
    /etc/rc.d/rc.mysqld start
    right, to enable php with apache, do as following, search for this line in /etc/apache/httpd.conf and uncomment the following line by removing the hash '#'
    # ==> mod_php configuration settings <==
    Include /etc/apache/mod_php.conf
    at the top of the httpd.conf edit the DirectoryIndex line so it says
    DirectoryIndex index.html index.php
    and finally, start the apache httpd service
    /etc/rc.d/rc.httpd start
    now point your web browser to localhost:80 and see if you see the default apache page, then you can write a test php script to test the php too.

    hope this helps, let me know if you have problems

    you can also enable/disable services via
    then go to 'run slackware setup scripts again', and then services on that menu near the bottom

    good luck!

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    Thanks so much! I am going to try this. It looks like it should work. I don't know what I would have done without this. I had been googling all day on it and found nothing. Thanks again!


    I tried it. First I tried making it start at boot from the pkgtool suggestion. It works great for Apache, but as soon as MySQL is started it abruptly ends, whether it is run from startup, or the command line. The other question I had was where to put the below? Does it go in a shell script?

    su root (enter password)
    chmod +x /etc/rc.d/rc.httpd
    chmod +x /etc/rc.d/rc.mysqld
    /etc/rc.d/rc.mysqld start
    As you can see I am VERY new to Slackware, and relativly new to Linux in general, so please excuse my stupid questions.

    Also I tried running mysql_install_db, but I still have the same problem. Every time I start MySql it abruptly ends. I looked at the error file and it said

    Fatal error: Can't open privilege tables: Can't find file: './mysql/host.frm' (errno: 13)

    What should I do?


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    Quote Originally Posted by wontmakeit221
    The other question I had was where to put the below? Does it go in a shell script?
    Those are commands you type in terminal, no need for a script since you only do them during initial setup.

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