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    switching between remote sessions

    This is probably the noob question of the week, and I seriously doubt that it is distribution specific (put it here on the off chance that it is), but I really can't figure this one out. I remotely logged on to a computer at school (through cygwin on my side, if it matters), did some stuff, and my connection was interrupted before I logged out. So now if I ssh back on to that computer, I am logged in twice. I can't figure out how to switch over to the first session and log out, then switch back, so I am only on once. I have been looking all over for a couple hours trying to figure this out, but I can't find anything even remotely helpful.

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    * run "ps -fu $USER" to get a list of processes running under your user
    * find the ones corresponding to your earlier session
    * try to find the starting one that other processes are spawned off of (usually like "sshd: blah blah" or "bash" or something like that)
    * look at the PID of that process and run "kill <PID>"
    * look at "ps -fu $USER" again
    * if that process is still running, try "kill -9 <PID>"
    * if there are other processes from that session that wasn't killed, kill them also
    * repeat until it's done

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    Thanks. I eventually got booted off, but I am glad to know what to do in the future. I had tried to kill a process (the pseudoterminal) that I thought would do it, but it was of course owned by root, and I didn't really want to go around killing a bunch of other processes all willy-nilly when I didn't know what to look for, and I didn't know if it would even help. Thanks again.

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