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    Anyone use Dual Monitors with xorg?

    I have just been given an exact same monitor I have already! woot, an iiyama VM PRO 410, anyway the model isnt too important.

    I am considering setting up dual head for a temporary measure to see if I like it, I assume its pretty easy such as installing another pci graphics card, connecting it up etc, telling the xorg config about it. but what about the driver situation?

    e.g I have an nvidia geforce 2 already and I am considering putting a PCI 5200FX in a pci slot, would it use the same nvidia driver module as the first card? should I maybe put in a different card instead on purpose? I have a 4MB matrox pci MGA lying around, but I'd prefer the twin nvidia setup as they are more capable together.

    anyone who's got experience or runs such a setup, thanks for your tips in advance.

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    I forgot to add : I am running INIT 4 with XDM as a login manager, how will dual head affect this ? I am expecting a login window on the primary monitor screen just as before, or the worst, where its in the middle of the two screens. hmm.

    I use fluxbox too so if anyone has any tips or problems known related to a dual head setup using fluxbox, please let me know.

    thanks again people.

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    fluxbox on two screens, tha's damn cool!

    i will be interested too as i have a spare graphics card always lying around. all i need is a cheap 2nd monitor.

    good luck with your project, i will be watching this with great anticipation.
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    I am actually in the process of swapping the nvidia 5200FX twinview card from my girlfriends PC, with my geforce2 (lol), and I'm going to use the nvidia driver to utilize the twinview extensions as its the easiest way, and beats xinerama (xorg) hands down on performance, and GL can work on both screens.

    now , wheres that screwdriver?

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    Well I have it working , but not with the twinview PCI card as my motherboard simply refused to boot with that card alone, forcing me to use a crap 4MB matrox as the second card.. ah well it works

    thing is, I use an XDM login, hence no .xinitrc, but a .xprofile instead, I'm not sure whats going on exactly but if I do a startx I get two desktops with windowmaker whereas with fluxbox its one, but if I do a normal XDM login my first screen is fully working with the proper fluxbox settings etc, but my second screen is a seperate flux session that doesnt have my settings enabled? bay?

    twinview would have been better and easier, gl on both screens, same card, no differences in colour or refresh (one is 1280, the other 1024 )

    I'm not sure I've enabled xinerama properly as I can move the mouse from one screen to another , but not individual windows? strange? I can actually create them on their own desktops however, just not move them from screen to screen, shame I guess, as obviously each one is its own xsession

    twinview would be a single one bah

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    Ok, I now have xinerama working! and I have dropped the res to 1024x768 on both screens as only one was capable of 1280x1024, and now its like I assumed it would be , windows can be dragged from one screen to the other, and it is one desktop as opposed to two x servers.

    god I'm loving this setup already

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    I've attached a screeny - i think
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    I'll just finish up by adding that fluxbox is xinerama-aware, as it now provides new options for setting a specific window on a specific 'head'

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    Twin view is the fosheezy.

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    Wow, that's great, really.

    I have so much unused video cards and screens lying around. Maybe I'll just follow your example
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