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    several failures

    I have tried on several different occasions to install mplayer with no success.
    I have also read most if not all the postings here on this subject.
    My os is slackware 10.2

    The files I installed were

    all codecs for Linux x86 (Win32 .dll and Linux .so) 20050412 12.3M

    Used these this page to install
    I did not have a codecs folder located in usr/local/lib/
    So I created one then extracted the codecs to the new folder

    MPlayer v1.0pre7try2 source
    To install these files
    I first extracted them to my root dir
    Them from a console
    Make install

    Is there some simple little step I am missing or is there an easier way to do this
    For someone who is still learning or do the install docs make assumptions I
    Should know

    After completing what I think is installing mplayer I receive no error messages
    Also I have installed several other programs on this pc (java virtual machine, xmms, and openoffice)

    I know this is alittle long but thanks for any help you might give

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    Is your question whether there are easier ways to install things than compiling from source? If so, the answer depends on your distribution. Since Slackware's creator refuses to use any kind of packaging scheme (like RPM or DEB) than the usual "easier" alternatives don't apply. There is a Slackware port of Apt (the system used by Debian) called slapt-get if I remember correctly. Perhaps a fellow slacker can help you out further. Stick around.
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    I guess what I was trying to say was that here are the procedures I used on three different instances to install mplayer. Which has been unsuccessful. I thought if someone sees something I did wrong or incorrect that person could point it out and say do this or do that

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