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    Unhappy KDE su command problem

    Hello all, i have installed slackware 10.2 (full install), the system boots and i have to run startx or kdm to start kde (or icewm,xfce etc), the problem im having is: in kde, i run a console and use the command su to become root, then if i try to run a kde program i get the error "command not found", its like if i couldn't see the programs, but if i go to /opt/kde/bin i can run them using ./ (like ./kwrite).

    if im at / i can do this:
    but not this

    I have no problems when runing as normal user, and i even can launch the programs using kdesu, im really confused with this, any help would be appreciated.
    thanks in advance.

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    try this , then logout and then login again

    echo "PATH=$PATH:/opt/kde/bin" >> ~/.bash_profile

    it seems the KDE binaries arent in your $PATH

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    Try running:
    kdesu kwrite
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