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    Post Lost lilo conf - no broblem ;)

    I'm sure any respecting linux user had lost at lest one time the root disk or forgot to type lilo after kernel rebuilt/compile /just kidding/. I've done that a couple of times so decidet to wright this post. Insted of installing Linux again just to retrive the lilo conf you can do what i did:
    Boot the linux CD1, start the setup, go to ADD SWAP. After setup finishes formating swap it continues with the install and after adding linux, cancel the setup - Do not format ur kinux partition!, also Do not change ur fstab!. Now go to configure/reconfigure and it will guide u to the rest of the precess whithout the need of installing the hole linux system. From there u can add lilo to MBR or disk /whatever u want/. Reboot and there u have the same lilo and the same Linux system as u configured it
    Have fun...

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    I believe you can just boot from the first CD and type:
    linux root=/dev/hdb1 ro
    Then just run lilo after login. I've done something like this before in SW in the past, but I'm a little foggy on the details. I know I've done it on my VL install. Change /dev/hdb1 to whereever you installed your linux distro.

    For example, in my case, I have VL installed on hda6, so I would use
    linux  root=/dev/hda6
    Hope this helps. FYI the power of booting from the install CD is one of the great things about SW (and SW's derivatives, like VL).

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