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Thread: kde3.5 problems

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    kde3.5 problems

    hi guys,
    I tried to upgrade kde from 3.4 to 3.5 from the /current and kdm said :could not find shared libraries I upgraded all packages from the /kde but can't start kdm Am I missing something?

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    a grep of my /var/log/packages returns this..

    kernow@ulysses(~)$ grep Xau /var/log/packages/*
    At a guess I'd check if you have the x11-devel package on, and maybe reinstall it with upgradepkg --reinstall *pkgname*.tgz

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    thanks I finally got that file where it was needed. Now I don't have any messages concerning errors but when I run xinit there is just a dark screen and everything stops. So I have to reboot and start again. so my guess is there is something more I have to upgrade . Shall I start with all in the /x series?

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    Firstly, there is no need to 'reboot and start over'

    Linux does not work like that, thats windows.

    Fix whatever the problem is, you're probably getting a black screen because you're running "xinit" and not 'startx' or using an INIT 4 KDM/XDM/GDM login.

    get your /etc/X11/xorg.conf sorted, remove the X11 packages from /var/log/packages using 'removepkg' as root, if you must. but I doubt it'll make any difference, unless you reinstall them with the missing package too, but you said you sorted that side, so it seems in reality nothing is wrong apart from you needing to setup X.

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    Thanks but it turned out to be a different case. The ATI driver I use do not work with Xorg 6.9 so I just reinstalled KDE 3.4. The reason I wanted to upgrade KDE was that I could not change users. LOG OUT - END CURRENT SESSION and it goes to the boot screen just after the "start X11........." or something, and the only command it accepts is Ctrl-Alt-Del and then reboots. no prompt, nothing. It is waiting for something I think but who knows. Now I have no clue at all how to fix that. Help?

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    Tried F2 ?

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