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    usb mouse nightmare

    ok so im using a computer i built a while back. i put slack on it a few years ago and went from nothing to totaly configured for the pieces ive had. two years later some pieces changed, but not much. the mouse was a microsoft mouse before, but a dog killed the cord on it, so i got a brand new logitech usb mouse. it has a ps2 converter but my motherboard only has a 5 pin din plug for the keyboard (yea this stuffs realy old....) i tryed to use mouseconfig, but then gpm started booting. gpm would kill my commandline keyboard support so i jumped on irc and figured out how to kill the gpm with some help.

    ok so i learned how to run pico.... i pico into my xf86config... i edit the mouse for the mouse settings i see everywhere... /dev/input/mice, imps/2, the xserver log says that the mice is not found.... the previus microsoft mouse was usb also, and i had no problems getting that mouse to work, but this mouse the light doesnt turn on... i had driver problems with windows on this mouse... the windows required a hyperion 4 in 1 driver, but when i did linux on this years ago, the usb didnt require any drivers for the intelimouse...

    im running slackware 8.1, logitech m-bt85, its on a epox mvp3c motherboard, 5 pin din tactile feed back keyboard, standard sync master monitor, nvidia geforce 4 mx420 video board, sound blaster awe 64 isa, some gangsta isa modem, and several pci nics (since this computer was originaly planned to be a linux router but is now planed for linux midi)

    thanks for help in advance!!!


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    you could try: /dev/psaux

    edit: first though can you tell if its detected by the kernel by pluggin and unplugging and checking


    lsusb -v
    lsusb needs to be done as root or sudo
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