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    question about partitions

    I was installing slackware and it said my disk was full when it got around the e packages I think. Well, I went into cfdisk and looked at my partitions. There are 3

    Hda3 says its primary compaq diagnostics and has like 8 mb.

    hda1 is the boot primary paritiotn that i formatted and changed to linux ext3.

    hda5 says logical Fat16. both hda1 and hda5 are about 1300mb in space. I was wondering if it would hurt anything if I deleted hda5 the logical partition so I could have more space on hda1 to install linux. Would this logical partition be needed for anything? I'm only afraid to delete it cause I wasn't sure if it'd make my computer suddenly not boot up right or something. I'm never planning on having a dual boot with windows, or windwos on that pc again. Would it be safe to get rid of the logical partition? thanks in advance

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    Hi turnerbroadcasting and welcome. Slackware says it needs at least 3 gig of space to install and operate properly and even with hda1 and hda5 combined you only have a little more than 1 gig. You might want to look at a distro that will take up less space like DSL or Puppy Linux. In Slackware based, Slax Popcorn and Pocket Linux might fit the bill. Good luck.
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    ethernet cards supported by slackware

    Thanks for the response. Yeah, I put a 10gb HD in it.

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