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    Installation issues... Error loading...

    I'm having an issue with installing Slackware 10.2... from what I'm reading, there's a TON of people with a similar type of issue, but slightly different than the one that I'm having... so hopefully someone can help...

    I had an old copy of CentOS's install cd, so I loaded that up and entered graphical mode to partition the drive... everything worked fine... now when I go and put slackware's disk1 in the dvd-rom, all I get is a black screen with a blinking cursor in the upper left-hand corner for about 2 minutes and then it says "Error loading operating system"....

    Like I said, I've read up on this, or attempted to, but everything I have read seems to be geared towards "I installed fine, but when I reboot I get an error loading operating system message." Which is NOT the case with me... I haven't even installed yet...

    Anyone here have any suggestions and/or HOPEFULLY solutions? You don't even know how much I'd appreciate it!


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    verify if you can boot from other CD. (other Linux or windows CD)

    if you can boot from other CD and you cannot boot from Slackware first CD then i think your slackware CD1 is fault or your CD-ROM/DVD-ROM cannot read the CD for some reason.

    I sugest to download again Slackware iso images, verify md5sum and burn iso images on slow speed (x8 - x16 )

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    Also, disable Plug'n'Play in your BIOS and check the boot sequence again.
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    yeah, ok... so I've figured out THAT issue... I guess my dvd-rom drive was having issues reading cd-rw disks, so I burned the iso to a cd-r instead and it reads FINE... although the installation process works now, once it begins, I keep getting FATAL ERROR messages and GREP: input/output error messages... I have yet to allow the installation to complete because I have SO MANY errors (literally like one right after the other on certain package installs)... so I'm not exactly sure if it will run, but with all those errors, do I really WANT to try to let it go through?

    Please, if anyone can help, it would be MUCH appreciated!

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    If you get that many errors, check the integrity of your cds, as already stated. Furthermore, cleaning the drive might help, too.

    I would not risk installing such an amount of broken packages. (Did that once with Arch and everything was really broken later).
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