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Thread: Qt installation

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    Qt installation

    Is anyone familiar with installing Qt under Slackware from source? The computer itself is using all its resources for this process and there is no other substantial process running. The configuration step took about 20 seconds, but the make step has been running for the better part of 12 hours and there is no clue as to how much more to go.

    Thanks in advance


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    The make step has finished after about 20 hours. I am still wondering though if these durations are common or not among making/compiling development environments.


    EDIT 1: I have in the meantime also tried gmake, which is another makefile suggested for this environment and the duration for that process is around 10 hours. Still strangely long, but perhaps it is kernel dependent.

    EDIT 2: The reason that the compilation and build step take so long is becasue every example in the tutorial is built along with the environment. There are about in the order of a hundred of them, so that should explain (at least in part) the duration.

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