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    I need a SATA RAID Controller for HP Proliant ML150 which can work with SlackWare


    This is Tony Blanco and I have a HP Proliant ML 150 G2 Server with the embedded 4 port SATA Card with 4 Hard drivers inside and Linux Slackware installed. I cannot make a RAID 1 array with this server and Slackware.

    I need to know if the existing card within the Server can be configured as a RAID 1 using Slackware or, if it's necessary to buy another card. If my option is the second one, I would like to know, what brands or kinds of cards may I buy that have Slackware Support?

    Best regards.

    Tony Blanco.

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    Well often with RAID cards they are not true RAID, but software. If it was hardware RAID you would have total transparency to the OS. The problem with softraid is that essentially it is still configured in the OS. This link describes some of the tools available though there may actually be a Slackware tool for this (I'm not a slackware user). I know with some other distros like Suse and RH the partitioner tool looks after this.

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    I will try using your information

    Thanks bigtomrodney.

    Effectively, the kind of RAID that I need it's made by software.
    I will try using the tools that you have shown me.

    But I have other problem, and maybe you can help me. Really I can't installed this Linux using the internal SATA hard drives. For that reason I put an ATA Hard Drive in order to install the Slackware, because Linux said, when I tried to installed it using the Hard Disk attached to the embedded card, that it cannot found any Hard Drive.

    I want to know, what is the moment that the Slackware allows to the user to change the target Hard Drive controller and what command is requiered to do that.

    Best regards.

    Tony Blanco

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    get last slack

    Today i got a Proliant ML150 G2 and try to install on his sata disk slack 11
    I get same problem wind seeing sata disk (controller dont have driver) so he cant see what is attach at it.
    I reboot again the machine and start load test26.s kernel from my DVD iso Slakckware 11 and all ok
    I see disk make partition and all things to set it up.
    u need to get form test26.s directory from DVD the bzImage file to can boot from sata controller.
    The driver is sata_mv who come with new 2.6 kernel and this boot image have compiled inside this module.
    Btw is still under EXPERIMENTAL so be carefull with it :P
    I may assist u to install slack and this depend of what kind of info You will need
    In not a guru Slack but i can handle

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