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    Can't load ATI driver module! Help!


    Please read the below posts of mine.

    Just trying to get my ATI driver to work.

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    Well the structure of XF86Config-4 is not the same as the newer xorg.conf, at least not completely. If you are using the latest proprietary ATI drivers, the install tool will automatically generate a working xorg.conf for you. Also xorg no longer requires modelines to be set in the config files. I also notice that you are using a standard vga driver. I would definitely recommend using [url=]the newer flgrx proprietary drivers[url]. They are a lot better than they used to be. You should pull a few hundred fps on glxgears at least.

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    I did get the "X.Org 6.8" from the ati website driver section. I also generated the conf with the install tool. I am a linux noob so I probably screwed something up somewhere.

    Is it possible for you or someone to walk me through this?

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    Well, I think I got my ATI driver working, and my FPS on glxgears went up some more...

    Here is my xorg.conf file that I used to get it to work...

    Also, does anyone know what I can tweak to make my fps higher?

    -----------------[ E D I T]--------------------------------------
    Never mind, it's using the Mesa3d drivers, I think I may be getting closer though.

    If anyone knows how to get the real ATI drivers please let me know. Thanks.

    Somehow I need to get the fglrx module.
    When I try modprobe -v fglrx
    It tells me that it cannot locate fglrx.


    Another website I found said
    "1) Make sure you have the Kernel source code and the GCC compiler installed, by default they are not."

    How do I do this?


    I located some modules in "/lib/modules/fglrx". How can I use them?


    Kernel = 2.4.31

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    Sorry for a triple post, but this is really really annoying me! I have been trying since around 9:30 this morning to get my ATI graphics card to work on slackware (it is now exactly 1:00 at night while writing this). It is getting late now, i'm hoping maybe by the time I wake up tomorrow morning someone would have posted to this to help me out .

    Over 10 hours straight of trying to get something to work is not fun!!! BTW, I officially now hate ATI! (until I get it working of course )

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