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    Thunderbird date-format problem

    Hi all

    I am newbie running Slackware10.2 with KDE desktop. I have long since
    upgraded to "mozilla-thunderbird-1.5-i686-1jim" which I downloaded from

    I want to change the date format of thunderbird to the default format
    that I have configured for KDE (SHORTWEEKDAY-DD-SHORTMONTH-YY). My dates
    show up as Tue-07-Jun-06. Basically I get confused between date & month
    so I at lest like to keep one of them in words.

    I did a bit of searching & found this site

    My first question is why did all the pages that I came across, referred
    to this (user.js) file? I did not find any such file, but I did find
    something called "prefs.js" /in/my/home/.thunderbird which seems to have
    the same function.

    So I added a line to the file (prefs.js) as per the instruction on
    the page

    user_pref("mail.ui.display.dateformat.default", 1);

    it was supposed to show me time like this

    Friday, December 31 2003 10:23 AM

    but unfortunately it had no effect!! the date format remained as it was
    before (06/07/2006 12:30 PM).

    Then I installed this (configdate-0.3.6-tb.xpi) extension, which (as I
    realized later) just automates the above mentioned process; and it also
    had no effect (no surprise there I guess).

    My dates (in thunderbird) keep showing as 06/07/2006 12:30 PM

    I did check the /patch section for Slackware10.2 at <> & it
    had mozilla-thunderbird-1.0.7
    Could it be possible that thunderbird-1.5 is not compatible with
    Slackware10.2 ?? or am I doing something wrong??

    Oh! I am also using a custom compiled 2.6.13 kernel & my Location is KDE
    is Bangladesh... could that have anything to with this all??


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    Thunderbird does not come with a user.js, you need to create it. I don't know why they just don't put a blank one in there, but they don't.
    I have not messed with the date format, so I can't tell you for sure if adding what you found into the user.js file will work or not, sorry.

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    Nah... no luck

    creating a user.js didn't work

    Thanks for your concern though

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