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    Need Help setting up adsl gateway with slackware

    Okay i've a slackware box, with two ethernet cards . One connects to my adsl modem which connects to the internet (eth0). and the other connects to my switch (eth1), and two workstations are connected to my switch .
    eth0 gets its address dhcp from modem/internet, its IP changes but its gateway IP is DNS server is
    My eth1 settings is
    IP: Subnet:
    one of my workstation settings are
    IP: Subnet: Gateway: Dns:
    When i use the route command to try and activate the gateway

    route add -net netmask gw dev eth1

    Its saids network unreachable, not sure how to resolve this. Also when i type the route command, my default gateway is dslgw-211.29.13 im pretty sure that is refering to the gateway, im not sure why its saids this.
    Im new to routing. Can anyone help me resolve these issues? Cheers

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    I saw somearticlethe other day on starting linux using Ppoe for dsl connections

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