Just wondering if anyone has had any luck getting slackware to work a proliant 1600 2 P111 450 cpu's running with both processors. I have installed slackware to a scsi with the scsi 2.4 kernel. From what I read there needs to be a bios extention installed to a small partition that the proliant bios will use to report to the OS before booting the OS. I believe it is called smart start. I used the linux system tools to fdisk my scsi so that slackware would see sda but did not have any luck with getting a small partition set up for the bios extention. Trouble is that the software for the linux install from HP assumes you are going to install redhat or Novell. I recompiled my kernel for 2 processors and do not think that my boot is seeing the acpi info coming from my bios...eventhough both processors are detected by a freebsd disk that promptly hangs at a giant lock! Thing is that all the other hardware and drivers work fine with slackware...as usual slackware is still the best distro for getting things to work the way they should.