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    does any of u know if halt is a soft shutdown, this because i am having troubles with WOL and LTSP, when i shutdown the terminal it excutes remotely haltsys, i am not really sure that halt does the same that shutdown, i am talking about the power management

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    you're talking ACPI power off right?

    halt or shutdown basically do the same thing, if you dont have ACPI configured it wont auto-shutdown your PC using it.

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    this is my problem, the only configurarion that i can use in the Bios about ACPI is the state that it goes when its suspended,

    when i put some applicacion trought PXE in the terminal such as mem test it can be shutted down pressin the power button in the case, an the i do can turn on the computer using wakeonlan, but when i use LTSP ( the application i need to run in the terminal)to shutdown the terminal it calls to some local app named haltsys, i am not sure how, but that application makes a hardshutdown( this means there is energy in the mainboard but it doesn't enegizes the peripheral interface so the nic that is builded in the mainboard has no energy for wakeon lan).

    so i think that there must be a diference betwen a normal shutdown and just halt, if any of u have any ideas please tell me

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