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Thread: SSH and Putty

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    Morning Kern,

    Thanks for getting back to me.

    I rebuilt the box this morning, and installed the latest kernel stuff using your method that was described above, although i noticed we hadn't added the 2.6 Headers in last time, so i installed the header package.

    Everything now appears to be working without fault.

    Thanks again for all your help.


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    You rebuilt it again? why?


    you need the kernel headers your GLIBC was compiled _for_

    and that is the 2.4 headers package, not the 2.6

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    Oh really?

    I've been complining packages all afternoon with the 2.6 headers installed and its been as good as gold, everything is running super fast and not had a single glitch all day, strange.

    I did decide to rebuild again, after spending some time fiddling yesterday I had half complied packages all over the shop so decided to do a clean build so i could be sure there wasnt anything conflicting.


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    When you compile programs, never use the 'make install' target

    install the 'checkinstall' application, you can find the package in extra/

    configure your new program as so
    ./configure --prefix=/usr/local --localstatedir=/var 
    checkinstall -ss
    notice you do not do make install, checkinstall will build a package for you, it'll install it too, and leave a package you can copy to a packages dir which you can use again, you can then use installpkg to install the package, or removepkg to remove the package

    build the libraries the app depends on , make them into packages, install the packages, then build the app, and install that as a package too, this makes it very easy to remove the software afterwards.

    if you use make install all the time it is impossible to pry the software out afterwards, and you'll find yourself rebuilding the box all the time just to keep it fresh.

    may I recommend this too? , a great resource

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    You may indeed reccomend the slack book, thanks Kern.

    I've been making a habbit of creating all my own packages and then installing those rather that actualy installing the programs from binary's.

    Luckily i've found the larger majority of what i require allready compiled on which has also been very helpfull to me.

    Thanks again for all your help Kern, i couldnt have managed it without your advice.


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