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    a not-completly retarded screen resolution problem.

    Well I finally got off my bum and dedicated a few gigs off my secondary hd to linux instead of using boot-cd's which keept getting slower and slower. and its been meh, not as tough as when I first got into linux.. but I had to battle corrupt install cd-s.. packages failing to install, no sound, no scroll wheel.. and your basic other random stuff, but this things gotten me a little funked

    well in the process of trying to fix my scroll wheel for my mouse (fixed) I screwed up my xorg.conf one time. so since I couldnt boot and I forgot exactly what I did I deleted it so it would use xorg.conf.backup and I really liked this, its default resolution was 1400x1050.

    now I copied that EXACT same file over to just plain old xorg.conf (in /etc/X11/) and low and behold when I boot up my resolution is at 1024x768 and my hz went from 73 to 60

    so I did what use to work, I went into my xorg.conf and I changed the modes of the bit level I was at (24) and added in "1400x1050" first..

    I boot up, and not only is that not the resolution, but even using a kde resolution resize tool I cannot go above 1024x768.

    im gana keep fiddeling with this tonight and try to get it, and tomorrow I leave for oregon for the weekend so dont rush to try and help me.. I guess ill post my xorg.conf section here.

    Section "Screen"
        Identifier  "Screen 1"
        Device      "VESA Framebuffer"
        Monitor     "My Monitor"
    # If your card can handle it, a higher default color depth (like 24 or 32)
    # is highly recommended.
    #   DefaultDepth 8
    #   DefaultDepth 16
       DefaultDepth 24
    #   DefaultDepth 32
    # "1024x768" is also a conservative usable default resolution.  If you
    # have a better monitor, feel free to try resolutions such as
    # "1152x864", "1280x1024", "1600x1200", and "1800x1400" (or whatever your
    # card/monitor can produce)
        Subsection "Display"
            Depth       8
            Modes "1400x1050" "1024x768" "800x600" "640x480"
        Subsection "Display"
            Depth       16
            Modes "1400x1050" "1024x768" "800x600" "640x480"
        Subsection "Display"
            Depth       24
            Modes "1400x1050" "1024x768" "800x600" "640x480"
        Subsection "Display"
            Depth       32
            Modes "1400x1050" "1024x768" "800x600" "640x480"

    so.. I have this weird trade off.. no matter what I do to the xorg.conf.backup file I cannot get the scroll wheel to work by default. and if I copy/paste that same text over to just regular xorg.conf the scroll wheel works fine but my res and Hz is reduced..

    help would be appreciated.. thanks

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    I fixed this by quit trying to do everything manual and just using xorgconfig

    plus, turns out as I was looking up my monitor specs that 1400x1050 is way outa my monitor and g-card specs.

    and now I know why the g-card on my old computer burned out (along with my interest in computers)

    but burnouts aside, did the xorgconfig... then added in the zaxis thingiembobber, emulate3buttons true.. and changed protocol of mouse to ImPS/2

    Im glad I figured out why my old g-card burned out.. I had never heard of that happening.. it started as these weird flickers at startup but after a minute or two it would calm down..

    and I miss hl2 like a.. person who misses his old good computer (which has now been striped and junked).. okay this is far from the topic

    have a nice night, by the time your reading this, im white water rafting

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