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    Slack Init rc Daemon order


    I have loaded clam av into slack with sendmail as mta. My question what is the proper way to get sendmail to start after clamav. Im looking at /etc/rc.d/rc.M I dont see clamav here it starts in rc.Local. how can I change the script to start sendmail after rc.local. Can a guy simply move the sendmail lines below the call to sysv and rc.local ?


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    I would just unset the x bit on rc.sendmail and then call it from rc.local after the clamv start command.
    chmod -x rc.sendmail
    rc.local: . /etc/rc.d/rc.sendmail start
    Less chance of mucking up your boot scripts.

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    If you remove execute permission form rc.sendmail the rc.local is not going to be able to start it that way.

    The best solution is to find where rc.sendmail is being started from (probably rc.M) and copy the lines from rc.local pertaining to ClamAV before it.

    Another is to remove the rc.sendmail start option from whichever script it's in and putting it in rc.local after ClamAC.

    Lastly, you could remove the execute permission and start it in rc.local using "bash rc.local start" or "sh rc.local start".

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