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    Unhappy help. terminal too large.

    I just installed slack 10.2 and I choose the option to have the larger terminal. but now when i boot from hdd the terminal runs off the bottom of my screen and I can't see my promt. i can boot from the bootdisk and get the standard terminal but I want to change it so that it has a standard terminal when booting from the hard drive.

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    You'll have to edit /etc/lilo.conf to solve this. I'm not on my system right now so I can't show you how it should look, but Slackware's lilo.conf file is documented enough that you should be able to figure it out on your own. What you want to do is comment out the "vga=" option that you chose and uncomment another. The comments should tell you what each one does.

    Once you've finished configuring lilo.conf run "lilo". Obviously all as root.

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    probably .. similar to

    vga = 791
    change it to

    vga = normal

    /sbin/lilo -v
    doesnt 'setup' allow you to change the on screen font? I can't remember, I never go back into it, or is it 'pkgtool', I might be confused and thats only during the install, whenever it asks me if I want to test out new terminal fonts I always respond with a flat 'no'.

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    edit: I spoke too soon, even when I comment the /etc/lilo.conf file so something different should be selected it stills uses the original option. And for some reason when I try to use the cd to configure the screen flashes and nothing happens.

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    haha! i got it. i reinstalled lilo with liloconfig and now it works. thanks for all the advice though.

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    liloconfig is just a nice wizard to editing it yourself.

    it doesnt reinstall, only configures /etc/lilo.conf

    but I'm glad you got it working

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