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    2.6 kernel in the new 11.0 version

    So I was looking through the changelog and noticed that Pat is finally including a pre-compiled version of the 2.6.17 kernel. That's pretty amazing seeing that in 10.2 all we had was a broken test26.i boot kernel and the source. The kernel is still in the testing/ folder, which is not included in the first CD (the only CD download), but definately a step in the right direction. Gotta wonder when will he make that the default. Seems like he still doesn't like GCC 4.x though.

    Anyway, no questions, I was just pointing out something exciting.
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    I think the 2.6 kernel has always been in the testing folder since 10.0 ... as I read on a different thread he doesn't like 2.6 because it is always under development so more likely to have bugs nor as 2.4 which is not developed anymore and one of the main objectives of slack is to be stable.

    I hope he may create a bleeding edge version of slackware where he can put the new GCC and a nice 2.6 kernel.
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    Slackware needs many things, at least from a desktop user's point of view. GCC, Qt, D-BUS, HAL, name it (some to be added, some to be updated). We'll see how things will work out after the release of 11, and in what direction the development will continue.

    About the kernel - 2.6.17 is already in extra/.

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    as discussed before, theres no reason to use xorg 7.0 and it will break things regarding the new location in /usr

    thats the main reason for no xorg 7.0, plus it doesnt offer anything over 6.9.0 I heard.

    it makes a fine desktop for me, I dont use HAL I use udev.

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    Sooner or later, Slackware will have to inherit the Xorg 7 structure. Naturally, I'm also using udev. HAL's a fine addition, not a replacement. Slack makes a fine desktop for me too, but by default it lacks many features for a 'modern' distro, media notification being one of these features. I use udev from current, custom D-BUS and HAL packages, recompiled kdebase package for HAL support - now it's a fully functional and somewhat automated desktop. Plus, this is not by any means negative for stability or security.

    Ofcourse, don't get me wrong - we all love Slackware.

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