Ok i just got slax loaded onto a cd, and i've been botting from the cd and I gotta say I like what i see. Unfortunately, I can't seem to get my wireless working and a having trouble navigating through slax. It loads fast off the cd but I would like to load it to usb, I"ve got a 60gb, 6 gb, 512mb and a 256mb stick I"d like to try this on, but I"m not sure what to do. I"ve got the hp USB format utility and have formatted my usb into a fat32 partition but don't know where to go. As for my wireless it's an Intel Pro Wireless 2200 BG card
and I have no idea how to load drivers and can barely navigate through this OS as it is. Anyhelp would be greatly appreciated. PS If I can get this to work I'm gunna try and take my local schools computers that are going to be junked soon and load this os onto them in an effort to provide computers for our elementary school students. Thanks in advance.