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    Nvidia Driver / Offcenter Screen HOWTO?

    Hi, I previously used Fedora Core 4... decided it sucked and moved on to ubuntu. I really liked ubuntu, but I'm trying to learn how to use Linux so i thought it best to switch to a distro that would make me learn it instead of just using apt-get for everything.

    Anyway, I'm now dual booting Windows XP and Slackware 11. As usual, my screen is off center when i'm running Linux. Does anybody know how to fix it so that my screen is not off center when running either Linux or Windows?

    I thought that the problem could possibly be fixed by updating my video drivers. So here's my problem: #1. I don't know the command to find out exactly what video card i have though I'm pretty sure it's a Nvidia Radeon X800. #2. I've just switched from ubuntu and don't know how to install packages yet.

    Is there a good HOWTO that I can look at or can any of you help me with this?

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    There is no such thing as a Nvidia radeon X800

    Is it possible that it is an ATI Radeon X800?
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    yeah, sorry. i get Nvidia and ATI confused a lot. but i'm not entirely sure what card i have. would have to be ATI though cause i'm pretty sure it's a radeon.

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    It seems that my first problem is that I don't even know the command to see what video card I have.

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    It sure is opensource ATI drivers cause. noticed that too on my dualboot (w2000/Slackware) box. ATI propietary drivers should correct it (

    I once saw some xorg options in the net for adjusting screen position, but just cannot find it any more. I hope someone can provide a tip.

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